We are thrilled to announce that our campus is ready to smile again! It is with great excitement that we welcome you back as we reopen for the new academic year on June 1, 2024.

Over the past weeks, we have been diligently preparing our campus to ensure a safe, welcoming, and vibrant environment for our students. We have enhanced our campus to ensure everyone’s well-being while maintaining the engaging and dynamic atmosphere that defines Amrita Vidyalayam.

As we embark on this new academic journey, we are committed to stimulate an environment of learning, culture, growth and joy. Our dedicated faculty and staff are eager to support our students in achieving their highest potential and making this year a memorable and successful one.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our parents and guardians for your unwavering support and partnership. Your collaboration and trust are invaluable to us as we strive to provide the best educational experience for our students in mangalore.

Let us embrace this new beginning with enthusiasm and optimism, ready to overcome challenges and celebrate achievements together. We look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our students back on campus, ready to learn, explore, and thrive.

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