We are City based School Excellence

Amrita Vidyalayam offers a comfortable, secure, safe, focussed and sound learning environment for students by offering all necessary amenities and facilities.



Campus Area




Hot Lunch (optional)



Bright Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to provide an optimal learning environment, with spacious layouts that ensure students have ample room to engage and interact.


Our science laboratories are outfitted with advanced equipment and materials for biology, chemistry, physics, and other scientific disciplines. Students engage in hands-on experiments, data analysis, and scientific inquiry under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Play Grounds

Our expansive playground provides ample space for students to engage in outdoor play, physical activities, and recreational games. Featuring playground equipment, open fields, and shaded areas, it encourages active play, social interaction, and creative exploration in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Multi-Media Rooms

Our computer lab is equipped with modern computers, software applications, and internet access to support a wide range of educational activities. Students can engage in research, programming, multimedia projects, digital art, and collaborative work, enhancing their digital literacy and technological skills in a dedicated learning environment. Trained lab staff provide technical support and guidance to facilitate productive use of technology resources.

Book & Toy Library

Our library features a diverse collection of books, periodicals, e-books, and digital databases curated to support the curriculum and foster a love for reading and research among students. It also offers quiet study areas, group study rooms, and librarian assistance.

Outdoor Learning Space

Outdoor classrooms, gardens, and nature trails provide opportunities for experiential learning, environmental education, and outdoor recreation. Students can engage in field studies, ecological projects, and nature-based activities.

Security Measures

We prioritize safety and security with security personnel, surveillance cameras, access control systems, emergency drills, crisis management protocols, and partnerships with local authorities to ensure a secure campus for all